Your Blogs Message

So if you have a blog you must have a message you want to share. If you are simply posting other people’s articles, it’s not really a coherent message… is it. It’s designed for search engines to drive traffic to your sites, so you can make money.

How well is that working for you now days…. not so good eh….thought so. Anyway, you need to craft a message and a tone for your blog so you can deliver continuity. People read my blog and they know the difference between a message from Bill McRea and from one of my guest bloggers. Both are loved and valuable for sure, but my blog post get 4 TIMES the traffic. WOW paying attention to stats opens your mind. You cannot FOOL your followers (sorry 😦 )

I use guest bloggers to  “fill the void”. My personal messages may be shorter, but they say more, because they communicate 30+ years experience in building businesses. I know it is hard to personalize (and harder to write or type) a blog post….boy I know…. but it only takes 5 minutes 3 times a week to do a blog post like this one… and it pays….in spades.

So here is some more information about guess bloggers you should read:

The Ultimate Guest Blogger’s Guide for 2013 – Search Engine Journal


Everything you need to know about guest blogging in 2013, fantastic tips and information.

3 Quick Ways to Find Hidden Guest Blogging Opportunities


The trick for getting guest posting opportunities might just be looking in hidden places — Rae Hoffman tells you where to start your search.


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