SEO for e-Commerce Sites – Top Pitfalls to Avoid

It goes without saying that search engine optimization or SEO is important for every website in today’s world, especially e-commerce sites. But optimizing your website is easier said than done. Although there are a plethora of SEO companies to choose from and more SEO techniques than you can use, effective SEO still remains the need of the day. In a bid to increase conversion rates, e-commerce sites are committing some basic SEO mistakes. Here are some of the top, commonly known SEO pitfalls to avoid for e-commerce sites.

Stuffing Meta Keywords Section with Keywords

We all know that the Meta keywords section is exclusively meant for SEO purposes and you should add keywords in that section of the source code of your web page. However, you should not overdo it. In a bid to increase the range of keywords to which the page is optimized, SEO professionals tend to stuff your e-commerce page source code’s Meta keywords’ section with high number of keywords. SEO algorithms of Google and other search engines have been altered to exclude web pages with overstuffed Meta keywords section, which means you are not going to benefit with keyword overuse in this section.

Multiple Home Pages

Every website should have a unique primary root domain name, more commonly known as the home page. Your home page is crucial for SEO activities and it is almost a sin to have multiple home pages, just for the purpose of SEO. Although it does increase the search engine results rankings of your site, there will be concerns regarding duplicate content. The news around the block is that Google is making some alterations to its algorithm to root out duplicate content issues. So, make sure your e-commerce site has only one home page that is extremely well optimized for search engines.

Usage of Branded Title Tags on All Pages

Most e-commerce sites have a template for their home page that will have their brand name in the title tag. While this is allowed and legal in SEO, many designers commit the mistake of using the same page template to design other pages as well. Using brand name on all landing pages will reduce the overall potential for SEO that your site has, condensing the range of keywords to which your site is optimized.

Overambitious Keywords Usage

In SEO, you must be prepared to accept that the competition for keywords is very high. Sometimes, you just cannot get a particular keyword or a set of keywords. It is better to let go of those keywords and concentrate on other potential keywords. But many e-commerce sites’ SEO professionals become very stubborn about keywords and continue to pursue them. This is just a waste of time and resources.

Improper Naming of Image File’s Attributes

The attribute for image files is the description that you give for the search engine to identify the type of image. This is a very important part of your SEO activity for e-commerce sites. Make sure that you pay attention while writing the attributes and also ensure that you insert keywords (high or medium ranking) wherever relevant. This will significantly increase your rankings with respect to search engines.

The aforementioned are a few of the common SEO mistakes committed on e-commerce sites. It is always good to keep your eyes open for these kinds of mistakes as they might have serious consequences if committed repeatedly.

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