Online Marketing Trends for 2013

Trends are very important for all marketing professionals as they will help them devise effective strategies to overthrow the competition. Online marketing has been around for a considerable amount of time for experts to come up with trends that will rule the roost in 2013. Here are some of the top online marketing trends that you need to watch out for in 2013.

Mobile, Mobile, Mobile!

2013 will see mobile devices becoming even more intertwined in our lives. The usage of smartphones and other mobile devices will increase even more significantly. Consequently, the demand for apps, especially enterprise applications will increase in 2013. Websites and services will be tweaked to make them even more mobile friendly. Online marketers should be able to leverage these changes to their advantage if they want to gain the upper hand in marketing in 2013.

A Rise in ‘Gamification’

Applying game like designs to non-gaming websites and applications has become somewhat of a rage in 2012. This trend is set to continue in 2013 as more and more mobile applications and websites will start adopting game like designs. This will not only increase the quality of user experience but will also eliminate the factor of monotony, something that every online marketer combats on a regular basis. All major brands will start adopting game like designs to their consumer apps, enterprise apps and websites as well.

Data Visualization Usage Will Increase Exponentially

It has been noticed that businesses, big and small, have yet to utilize the full potential of data visualization. In 2012, we saw a number of companies realize the power of data visualization and implement it on a trial basis. In 2013, this trend will continue and data visualizations will be implemented on a larger scale in both big and small companies. Also, a number of tools for visualizing marketing data become available in the market and there will be a high demand for those tools as well.

The Rise of ‘Inbound Marketing’

Marketers have realized the potential of customer engagement and are using content, conversations, and value added resources to draw customers. This technique is called inbound marketing and marketers will use this technique even more in 2013. Using both visual and audio content, marketers will try to move away from paid marketing techniques and use inbound marketing to maximize business.

Increase in Loyalty Marketing

Loyalty marketing is big part of marketing now and more brands will use this to increase their turnover. Retaining customers has become a very hard task with so many brands emerging and competition rising to the ‘eat or be eaten’ level. The best way to retain customers is by using loyalty marketing.

Further Growth in the Influence of Social Media

Social media grew significantly in 2012 and the trend will continue in 2013 as well. Marketers will continue to use social media in different ways for marketing purposes. Buoyed by this fact, social media platforms will also continue to grow as potent marketing vectors. Exclusive marketing features will be introduced on these platforms.

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