Common Social Media Mistakes to Avoid in 2013

Among the many marketing campaigns that a company has, social media marketing is perhaps the simplest and less expensive. Since social media is a relatively new marketing vector, companies are still learning how to use it effectively. 2012 saw a number of companies committing mistakes of varying degrees while using social media for marketing and suffer. To help you in preventing those mistakes and also keeping in mind the social media trends for 2013, here are some of the top social media mistakes you should avoid in 2013.

Deviating From the Plan

The possibilities and avenues to explore on the social media platform are endless. When you look at a social media platform, you will probably be tempted to take a different route to market your product, rather than sticking to the plan you have. But that is practically suicidal. If you take one wrong step in social media marketing, you are likely to blow up the whole operation and online reputation that you have painstakingly built.

To avoid that, always stick to the plan. If you get any brainwaves while implementing your strategy, add them to the ‘to be considered’ list. You can analyze the course of action and implement it if you find that it is risk free.

Build a Relationship with Consumers

One of the complaints that consumers have is the aggressive promotion that social media campaigns adopt. When they read the content or look at the images, they will get an impression that the brand is literally forcing itself upon them. This will serve you to no end. On the other hand, try to build a relationship with the consumers. Give them an impression that you care about what they want and what they like, and you are trying to provide that. This will not only ensure brand loyalty but also take your brand up the popularity charts.

Ignoring the Latest Social Media Platforms

Social media is the new big thing and every day, you see new platforms coming up. If you just stick with Facebook, Twitter and other established platforms, you can only hope to achieve moderate success. The real clinching factor is in making your presence felt on the new social media platforms that are launched. If you use them effectively, you can ensure a high degree of effectiveness in your social media marketing activities. If you ignore it, your competitors may get ahead of you by using the latest social media platforms.

Using Unidirectional Tone in Social Media Content

Interaction is what drives social media. If you use a unidirectional tone in social media marketing content, your ad will just end up being one of the many that the customers overlook. Always use content that is conversational and gives the consumers a chance to have their say. This method has two advantages. You ensure that you increase customer engagement. Also, while doing so, you manage to generate valuable feedback that you can use to tweak your offerings and marketing strategies.

These are only a few major mistakes of the many other mistakes that you can make in social media marketing in 2013. Just ensure that you think about every strategy before you actually use it on social media as it can be a very volatile and unpredictable platform for marketing.

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