Wordpres.com Jetpack Plugin Solves a administer of Problems

1 have been looking for a fantastic source for my websites stats. The problem with most plugins is the consumption up a small ton of data and bandwidth . The solution is victimisation a free serving from WordPress.com itself named Jetpack.

Jetpack solves a clump of issues like statistics, herding(a) sharing, and other pain in the butt but necessary outlet such as spam control. The exceed part just about victimisation jetpack is all you have hoo ha is sign up for a free WordPress.com account and the install the plugin. All the data and bandwidth is served from WordPress.com cloud servers. so suppose just about that all the functionality without the load on your hosting account.

Jetpackhere are some other articles on how people consumption Jetpack for the blogs:

Jetpack two.two: Likes — Jetpack for WordPress


That’s why the latest version of Jetpack introduces a “Like” feature. The new feature enables a “Like” area at the bottom of your posts and pages. A button allows your readers to show appreciation for your posts as fountainhead as keep outdoors

Jetpack two.1 for WordPress.org — Blog — WordPress.com


After we announced media changes on WordPress.com, some of you questioned when these new WordPress.com features would be available for ego-hosted WordPress sites. fountainhead, wait no more! The latest features brought to

Supercharge Your Website with Jetpack – Weblog – Media tabernacle


by Suzette Franck, WordPress Evangelist lead at Media tabernacle jetpack-ternion. In the second edition of “Supercharge Your Website with Jetpack”, 1 covered features such as Blog Subscriptions via email, victimisation Publicize to circulate


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