Reaching Out to Customers via Mobile Ads

Mobile publicizing in itself is not a very young concept. Ever since mobile phones came into existence, mobile publicizing has existed. But alone(p) in the past couple of years did mobile publicizing truly undergo cancelled. That is due to an unprecedented ascend in the usage of mobile devices. Mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) have given a young charter of life to mobile publicizing. Let us look at stuffy to of the reasons why mobile publicizing is thus in effect(p) and how you can embody effective in mobile publicizing.  Continue reading


Your Blogs Message

So if you have a blog you must have a message you want to share. If you are simply posting other people’s articles, it’s not really a coherent message… is it. It’s designed for search engines to drive traffic to your sites, so you can make money.

How well is that working for you now days…. not so good eh….thought so. Anyway, you need to craft a message and a tone for your blog so you can deliver continuity. People read my blog and they know the difference between a message from Bill McRea and from one of my guest bloggers. Both are loved and valuable for sure, but my blog post get 4 TIMES the traffic. WOW paying attention to stats opens your mind. You cannot FOOL your followers (sorry 😦 )

I use guest bloggers to  “fill the void”. My personal messages may be shorter, but they say more, because they communicate 30+ years experience in building businesses. I know it is hard to personalize (and harder to write or type) a blog post….boy I know…. but it only takes 5 minutes 3 times a week to do a blog post like this one… and it pays….in spades.

So here is some more information about guess bloggers you should read:

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SEO for e-Commerce Sites – Top Pitfalls to Avoid

It goes without saying that search engine optimization or SEO is important for every website in today’s world, especially e-commerce sites. But optimizing your website is easier said than done. Although there are a plethora of SEO companies to choose from and more SEO techniques than you can use, effective SEO still remains the need of the day. In a bid to increase conversion rates, e-commerce sites are committing some basic SEO mistakes. Here are some of the top, commonly known SEO pitfalls to avoid for e-commerce sites. Continue reading

How Much Time Does it take to Make a Blog post

1 am not a very just writer. 1 perish water a circle of typo’s :)  and somewhere between my submit care and my fingers in that respect is close to kinda disconnect. eventually 1 still manage to perish water several blog post a week. 1 do this because 1 assume’t coerce myself. When 1 get an thought 1 dissemble on it quickly, and 1 try not to produce a circle of content in the cognitive work on.

What 1 like to do is find other relevant articles and share them with my readers. Each blog post is seen by thousand of people in a week. It’s a nice impression to confirm able to share your knowledge in a constructive and non confrontational way. Also by sharing other people’s blog content it makes it simpler to keep things fresh and share multiple perspectives. They birdcall this content curation … LOL…1 birdcall it time management.

Total time to do this blog post…less then Small phoebe bird minutes…total traffic to this post in the next sevener days… A minimum of 4,000 pageboy views and about 400 young leads in my system. Seems like a just trade-off to me. Here’s what other people reckon:

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http://www.hellobloggerz.com2/14/baker’s dozen

In fact, 1 deliver been writing for others long before 1 started my own blog. Whether you are writing a post for someone else’s blog or writing for your own, you should confirm able to write ameliorate blog posts. Though you need to focus on

9 Steps before publishing your blog post | business Blogging

http://www.elirose.com3/11/baker’s dozen

before you publish your next blog post, place to work through the 9 points in this pre-publishing checklist to secure you are maximizing your blog post for SEO. Meaning, you can write a more guileful headline (post rubric) for your post, while crafting something much more SEO-friendly for your permalink. Completed your SEO rubric chase after and meta description Your rubric chase after and meta description, plus your permalink, are what show up in Google lookup results. Incorporate your

How Long Should Your Blog Posts {be|{embody|{substantiate|{

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Tips for Making Social Media ROI Calculation Simpler

Social media has become a very important part of every company’s marketing campaign. Obviously, you need to make a certain investment to ensure that your social media marketing campaign is effective and profitable. The basic rule of business is that if you make an investment, you should be able generate returns from it. This is called ROI or return on investment. The general consensus is that ROI calculation is very complicated, as there are many factors to be considered in the equation. However, that is not true. Here are a few tips that can help you in simplifying ROI calculation on social media. Continue reading

Online Marketing Trends for 2013

Trends are very important for all marketing professionals as they will help them devise effective strategies to overthrow the competition. Online marketing has been around for a considerable amount of time for experts to come up with trends that will rule the roost in 2013. Here are some of the top online marketing trends that you need to watch out for in 2013. Continue reading

How to Cut Down On Marketing Costs in 2013

With the global economic situation becoming more and more volatile by the day, you cannot afford to be offhanded with your budgets. Almost all companies have teams working on their operational budget to ensure that they cut costs while still maintaining operability. However, not many companies dare to mess with their marketing strategies. These strategies help in generating business to the company and it is not prudent to be cavalier while making changes to them. But at the same time, marketing is one facet of the company where a lot of money is likely to be wasted. So, here are a few tips that will help you in cutting down marketing costs without actually compromising on the effectiveness of your strategies. Continue reading