How often should you make a blog post

How often should you make a blog post?

It’s a question of audience. If you are a real blogger you should see yourself as a celebrity of sorts. Not to say you are going to go all Kardashian or Lohan on the internet (Stupid and so TMZ), but you should be able to get your point across with … consistency. Hmmm… here are a few other bloggers options.

How Often Should I post? Blogs | Facebook Updates | Tweets | web


How often should I post on my blog? How often should I update Facebook? And, How often should I Tweet? These are important questions and although the answer isn’t the same for every brand or business, I have found the

How Often Should I Post To My Blog?


Only you can decide how often you should post to your blog after you ask yourself the key questions in this blog post.

How often should you update your blog? | Gadget Maniac


Every new blogger struggle to find out answer to one important question-How often should I update my blog?There can’s be an exact answer to this because if you will ask this question to 10 bloggers you know,they will all


What’s that… so much for people opinions, so here is my formula

1,000,000 page views a month!!! My results and thanks 🙂

Domain age 7 year

Post frequency: 1 per day average

Results: I am retired and working on my yacht doing what…. 1 BLOG POST a day, plus content curation.

So the answer is about 2 hours a day… focus on statistics and content curation. Everything else can be out sourced.



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