Learning the Twitter argot

Twitter is the with it social networking pecker that near are exploitation. It seems to substantiate so well-liked that It is so well loved that it nomenclature and everything. If you need to consumption Twitter ascertain a few of the terms so you do not spirit silly your first time out.

It is just like instant messaging or text edition messaging. You feel like you have stepped into an alternative universe because everybody looks human but they are talking some sort of meth. Well, it isn’t truly meth not really gibberish but the Twitter nomenclature. You may cogitate you are developing a lisp but that’s ok – everybody who uses it has one.

What are the Basics?

To pay off you going, here are some basic things to know. The site is named Twitter. Some interchange Twitter and Tweeter and that for certain is a cock up. axerophthol tweeter is something that works with woofers in your car speakers. clean off, you can consumption “tweeter” to refer to someone that uses Twitter if you need to.

The messages that you send are named Tweets. assume’t fuddle it with chirps. axerophthol bird chirps and though a bird is the symbol, the messages that you chirp out are known as tweets. Each message is 140 characters or shorter.

axerophthol person that uses Twitter is a Twitterer. You can reckon a Twitter user but twitterer is more accepted. Twittering (or tweeting) is the act of sending and receiving tweets and exploitation various sides of the service.

on Facebook you have friends, but on Twitter you have supporters. Yea, it sounds like you are hiring for a cult, but it distinguishes Twitter from the other social networking media out in that respect today. You can substantiate followed or have people that you come.

in that respect are several tools or applications that can substantiate used with Twitter service. All of these wish either commencement with “Tw”, hence the lisp. as an instance you have TweetDeck, Twhirl, Twitterfeed, Twitterrati and so on and so on.

Texting, Anyone?

Twitter does consumption some of the same nomenclature as text edition messaging or bulletin board users. With 140 characters, distance is precious. Instead of typing “envision you later,” modify it to “CUL8R.” so, not only if do you need to substantiate familiar with Twitter jargon but text edition messaging terms help as well.

come courting

Remember the lisp? Many Twitter terms are recycled terms with a Tw- prefix. For instance, “twalking” is someone that twitters (by text edition) while they are walking. “Twaffic” is twitter traffic. You pay off the approximation.

For a more sum list of Twitter jargon go to http://twittonary.com for more. This Twitter dictionary includes text edition messaging abbreviations, Twitter nomenclature and names for Twitter tools. keep this handy and you may always {{undergo {upk

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