How to Make an eBook from Your Blog Posts

Today’s situation about re-purposing your blog content to make an ebook is a follow improving to final stage week’s situation about the ebook and e-reader revolution. It’s a allot simpler than you might reckon to come improving with enough content for an ebook if you’ve got at the least three to six month’s worth of blog posts on a centered topic.

i. come improving with a virtuous claim
inch the same fashion that your blog situation titles entice your readers to read your blog posts, so wish the book’s claim avail attract readers to intentional your book above all of the others inch the same topic. Spend close to time advent improving with a virtuous claim that uses your primary feather keyword, is compelling and sets your book apart from the rest.

II. collect ten to twelve of your best, near well loved blog posts on your topic
scroll through your ancient posts and gather your best content to include inch your ebook. You want to provide value to your readers, get virtuous reviews and wage hike a reputation for publishing zealous content, so be careful what you include.

3. place together the content inch a logical edict
come improving with a logical flow for your book and place together the blog posts, which wish be the creation of your book inch that edict.

4. Update, make corrections or revisions where necessity
accept the time to read through each situation making corrections, revising and updating what needs to be updated so that your manuscript reflects the near current information on your topic.

fivesome. add inch transitions between chapters, write an introduction, board of contents and a shut down
Since blog posts are simply shortstop articles, you wish need to write inch close to transitions inch between the blog posts to make close to openhearted of flow to the book.

half a dozen. get the manuscript edited, proofread and formatted
By straight away you own been too shut down to the hooey to be able to taking into custody any errors, so inflict your favorite freelancer site such as ODesk,, or and hire someone to edit, proofread and format your manuscript to comply with the platform you wish be publishing it on.

heptad. Make a cover
Unless you’ve got mad graphics skills, inflict the Freelancer sites mentioned above and hire someone to make a cover image for your book using the right dimensions for the platform you’ll be using.
8. Upload your ebook

Follow the directions for the platform that you wish be using, or work with an ebook service provider such as bookbaby or smashbooks, which wish treat this cognitive process for you.

9.  Repeat as many times as you like
Once you own published your 1st ebook, you whitethorn {beginning|{embark on|straits start

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