Blogging Tips: How to Deal with Blog content Theft

If you have been making capacity online for any length of time chances are you’ve experienced online capacity theft. Sometime you whitethorn hazard on a blog situation of yours that has been published on another site without attribution, and you might even out find that the offending site is ranking higher than yours, or that they are deriving ad revenues from your capacity. There is something you can do to protect yourself from online capacity theft.

Unfortunately, plagiarism is alive and well online. While this blog situation is not giving out legal advice in any form, in this situation you’ll find tips and links to resources to tending you mass with copyright infringement on the Net.

What protections do you have from copyright infringement?
The Digital Millennium Copyright turn (DCMA) is a section of the U.S. copyright legal philosophy that governs copyright infringement online.

When you learn that your blog capacity has been stolen there are steps you can accept to slide by water sure enough that the offending site must remove the capacity is motion. Your first footprint is to find out wherever the website is hosted. You can typewrite in the sports stadium bring up to a website called,, or, wherever you can find both the website owner and the host bring up.

Your next footprint is to send the capacity thief and the web host notices. The Plagiarism Today blog, has a overnice selection of boilerplate stop and abstain letters, and DCMA letters that can personify addressed both to the host and to the search engines.

If you can slide by water contact with the website owner directly, start with them. Send them a notice that you are the copyright owner of capacity they have on their site and question them to remove it immediately. once more, you can change one of the stop and abstain letters from Plagiarism Today. If you don’t pay off any atonement from the blog’s owner or author, then go in front and say the web host about the offending capacity exploitation the DCMA form letter that you can change to suit your purposes. The host should accept the site with your capacity on it down feather until it it removed.

This article, DCMA Takedown one hundred one, outlines the provisions that must personify included in a DCMA filing: source: hundred one/

When you find your master capacity has been used on another blog without proper attribution, you should not feel at all intimidated about confronting that website owner and tattle them to remove your capacity. Filing a DCMA notice is not that hard, and worth the effort especially when the offendin

Bill McRea


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