Just how to Leverage the New Twitter Header Photo to Build Your Brand

Just last week Twitter announced the rollout of their brand-new header image. Now, much like the bigger, much more popular header images on Google + and Facebook, Twitter has launched an optional header image for individual’s profiles. This expansive piece of electronic realty offers an excellent possibility for you to build your brand name. There are no restrictions yet regarding exactly what you can and cannot include in your image, yet you desire whatever you make use of to be in keeping with the theme and message of your brand name and the tale you are attempting to tell with it.

Three elements to building your brand name on Twitter:1. Header image
Use the brand-new 1252 x 626 px image to connect exactly what your brand name has to do with. You can exchange this image out as often as you like, or you can keep the exact same image for awhile. Experiment with altering the image and see exactly what type of comments you acquire.2.

Biography content
Twitter provides you 160 characters to tell the world regarding that you are. Use this room wisely and include a compelling call to activity that invite site visitors to look into your website. Now the content of your biography appears superimposed on the header image, so make certain that you can see the content over the elements in the image.3.

Avatar image
Maybe this is an excellent possibility for you to exchange out your Twitter avatar image. It’s 73 x 73 px and it appears in the middle of the large, brand-new image. Some smart individuals have come up with innovative methods to use their avatar image mixed with their header image to develop an interesting, brand-new image.

When you are deciding on which image to make use of for your header, make certain that it operates well with your Twitter background web page image. If you intend to exchange your images out daily, you may wish to go with a more neutral background.

Twitter does not oblige you to switch over to the brand-new header image, so it’s something that you have to implement on your own, or acquire your graphics individual to set it up for you. If you are visiting do it on your own, download and install the Twitter guidelines right here: business.twitter.com/pdfs/ProfilePage_onesheet.pdfIf you have the Twitter mobile app, you can make the exact same changes on the mobile system to make sure that your brand name image is regular. Right here are some instances of innovative usages if the brand-new Twitter header images: “10 Twitter Header Images Done Right,” on Mashable mashable.com/2012/09/18/twitter-header/#8929510-dickc “How to Design the Perfect Twitter Header Image,” designshack.net/articles/graphics/how-to-design-the-perfect-twitter-header-image “How Brands Can Utilize the Twitter Header Phot

Bill McRea


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