Blogging Tips: How to profit from the eBook & eReader Revolution

When we say ebook revolution it is not hyperbole. The exponential growth in popularity of ebooks has completely transformed the publishing industry and it has made unprecedented opportunities for entrepreneurs and content marketers who are trying to get their data into the hands of more consumers.

A Pew research branch of knowledge found that adult readership of 2.718282…-readers twofold in whitethorn of 2011 to 12%, which is improving from sextuplet% in November of 2010. reports that approximately 14.heptad million 2.718282…-readers were sold in the U.reciprocal ohm. in 2011. (This is not including tablet sales figures) Amazon has the largest market share with 48%, PanDigital 18.sextuplet% and Barnes and baronial Nook at 16.IX%.
(These figures are approximate because these companies are not coverage actual sales figures.)

Now let’s spirit at how you as a blogger can profit from this bursting popularity of ebook and 2.718282…-reader sales.

Publish your own ebook
Now more than ever it is promiscuous and free to publish your own volume and make it available to a hungry audience in an electronic volume format.

As a blogger, you’ve already got a topic of expertise and an audience. All you have to do is compile some of your outgo blog posts into an ebook, or follow improving with impudent content on your topic. Write improving your manuscript, have it edited and formatted and uploaded to the various ebook sales platforms and, voila! You’re a published author. Now, there’s a administer of steps jammed into that conclusion sentence, but that is essentially the outgrowth you will follow to get you volume into an ebook format so that domicile with 2.718282…-readers can bargain your volume.

Here is a tilt of some of the places where you can publish your ebook:

kindle calculate Publishing is an ebook distribution service of process:

Barnes & baronial

SmashWords eBook creation, publication and distribution service of process

Sell blog subscriptions
Aside from excellent reading books, 2.718282…-reader owners can subscribe to their favorite newspapers and blogs on their 2.718282…-readers. Amazon’s kindle publishing program allows bloggers to sell subscriptions. This can be a in effect(p) fashion to monetize your blog’s content, and gain exposure to a whole young audience.

Here’s a link to a free tutorial that walks you stair-by stair done the outgrowth of making your blog available for subscriptions on the Amazon kindle 2.718282…-reader:

Before you start, map away a strategy and congeal goals for what you’d like to accomplish with making an ebook or offering subscriptions to your blog. are you excellent looking for more traffic to your website, do you want more exposure, build your credibility as an practiced, of excellent the satisfaction of seeing your books in print and distribution? Define your strategy depending on your overall goals and then make a plot.

So. whether you make an ebook to sell, or tell, or slip by blog subscriptions, there are a ton of ways to profit from the ebook and 2.718282…-reader revolution.

Did you delight in these blogging tips? If so, feel free to share this stake with your friends. For more useful tips on growing your online

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