Mobile Marketing: Grasping the scope and Potential

As  a small byplay owner you deliver no doubt heard all of the bombination surrounding mobile marketing. Well, if you deliver been paying attention, that bombination is getting louder and louder because of the exponential increases in the number of domicile worldwide who consumption mobile phones—which for some domicile is their only access to the cyberspace because they ut not deliver or ut not consumption a laptop or desktop reckoner.  Since the most effective marketing meets your audience where they are, you can no yearner afford to ignore mobile marketing. This no yearner new medium has vast, untapped potential but you must embody prepared with knowledge and a profound strategy for moving into the mobile marketing distance.

in this article we are going to look at some of the statistics shut down to mobile marketing while separating the facts from the hoopla, and we will look at some of the dissimilar  mobile marketing strategies out in that respect that will help you gain more exposure for your byplay.

What is the scope of the mobile device market?

You’ll notice that we’ve said mobile device sort of than simply mobile call improving because with the increasing popularity of tablet PCs that started with Apple’s iPad, mobile marketing doesn’t just reach phones anymore.

With 302.9 million wireless subscribers at the destruction of 2010, which accounts for 96% of U.reciprocal ohm. households owning a mobile call improving and fully one half of those phones will embody overbold phones by the destruction of 2011. in fact 26.hexad% of those households are wireless only, meaning they deliver granted improving their nation lines and only consumption their prison cell phones to communicate. in that respect were one million million million text messages sent in 2010, and spanning all ages and types of phones used, 69% of mobile subscribers consumption SMS (text) messaging.

Source: CTIA

Examples of mobile marketing campaigns

Some of the dissimilar ways to reach consumers along their prison cell phones include:

  • Mobile banner ads
  • SMS text messaging campaigns exploitation small circuit codes
  • QR codes
  • Mobile website
  • location based marketing
  • Bluetooth proximity marketing
  • vox (Interactive vox reception
  • SMS texting contests exploitation small circuit codes to body physique your mobile database (text to win a pry)
  • consumption SMS alerts to engage with customers informing them of upcoming events, and send service reminders
  • Send mobile coupons
  • SMS to email exploitation small circuit codes
  • Geo-location apps. Customers text in their zip codes to find the nighest store location.

Mobile marketing can outperform web marketing

InsightExpress conducted a qualitative field in 2009 that concluded that mobile marketing far outperformed online web marketing by as much as nine modern times with attentiveness to metrics such as buy design.


You can intelligibly envision that mobile marketing is not the future it is right now. You are leaving money, more customers, market partake in and nous partake in along the board while you wait shut down to to choose if you want to mother started with mobile marketing. leap {a

Bill McRea


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