Google+ Hangout’s First Birthday–Celebrate with Tips for Hanging Out & Connecting with Your Audience

Google+ celebrated the first year milestone of their Hangouts, which is a group video chat function that has really changed the face of social media. Now, if you’ve got a Google+ account and a computer with a webcam, you can video chat for free with up to ten participants all over the world in real time.

Now what’s that I hear you saying? You’ve never done a group video chat? What on earth are you waiting for? Are you familiar with all of the benefits that video marketing has to offer? You can get more exposure for your business, build your brand, your credibility, and stand out from the competition. All of those benefits apply to hanging out with G+ with the additional benefit of doing it live! You can actually chat with your people in real time.

If your business is a virtual one rather than a brick and mortar shop where people come in to your shop, video chatting is a great way for your customers and clients to get to know you a bit better. Here are a few ideas for Google+ hangouts for business if you’d like to give it a try:

  • Interview a well known expert in your niche and have your audience submit questions in advance, or ask live if they are going to join the hangout.


  • Have someone interview you as an expert.


  • Host your own “How-to” episode and demonstrate how to make something, assemble or use your product, discuss a relevant issue, etc.


  • Do a live chat on a specific topic.

These are just random ideas. I’m certain you can come up with some creative ideas for hangouts. The point is to just give it a try. They are super easy to set up. You just go to your Google+ profile and click on “Hangout” in the navigation bar. You might want to join a few hangouts before you host your own just to get a feel for the flow of how it works.

Another cool way to get even more mileage out of a hangout is to broadcast your hangout on Youtube using Google+ Hangouts On Air.  Visit, to watch the introductory video and see how easy it is to broadcast your hangout and then save it for viewing later. Imagine if you come up with a weekly, “how-to” broadcast and publish it to It’s like having your own TV show streaming live and then in your archives.
If you need some more inspiration for using Google+ Hangouts for your business, here’s a blog post on the, ‘Business 2 Community,’ blog, Why Your Business Needs to Hangout More,

Social media is a powerful medium for connecting people from around the world who would otherwise never meet in person, but who can still make a significant connection. You can share energy ideas and inspiration around your topic or niche and build a solid community. Google+ hangouts extend that one step further by allowing you to meet, almost face-to face in real time.

Did you find these social media marketing tips helpful? If so, feel free to share them with your network. For additional tips on growing your online business visit, today.

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