How often should you make a blog post

How often should you make a blog post?

It’s a question of audience. If you are a real blogger you should see yourself as a celebrity of sorts. Not to say you are going to go all Kardashian or Lohan on the internet (Stupid and so TMZ), but you should be able to get your point across with … consistency. Hmmm… here are a few other bloggers options.

How Often Should I post? Blogs | Facebook Updates | Tweets | web


How often should I post on my blog? How often should I update Facebook? And, How often should I Tweet? These are important questions and although the answer isn’t the same for every brand or business, I have found the

How Often Should I Post To My Blog?


Only you can decide how often you should post to your blog after you ask yourself the key questions in this blog post.

How often should you update your blog? | Gadget Maniac


Every new blogger struggle to find out answer to one important question-How often should I update my blog?There can’s be an exact answer to this because if you will ask this question to 10 bloggers you know,they will all


What’s that… so much for people opinions, so here is my formula

1,000,000 page views a month!!! My results and thanks 🙂

Domain age 7 year

Post frequency: 1 per day average

Results: I am retired and working on my yacht doing what…. 1 BLOG POST a day, plus content curation.

So the answer is about 2 hours a day… focus on statistics and content curation. Everything else can be out sourced.



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Latest Facebook Marketing Tools for Your stage business

Facebook has become the nearly sought after swarming(a) media platforms for businesses, belittled and full grown alike. recently, a survey showed that out of the total number of hours spent on swarming(a) media marketing in a week, more than XC% of the time is spent on Facebook. accordingly, you will be on the lookout for tools or apps that will pee your Facebook marketing activities simpler. Here is a note on close to such tools that will pee your job simpler once it comes to Facebook marketing. Continue reading

Your Blog will pay back Hacked Are You Prepared

Why do I know this for certain… We 50 of my largest websites got taken down in one day. one of them was a membership locate on a cartesian product I was excellent approximately to establish. I had hundreds of affiliate and thousands of dollars on the line.

And I was not prepared. It was a stressful disaster. envision I always assumed my host was backing everything improving, and they were. But those files were excellent as messed improving as the ones on my server. What a painful sensation!

here are a few articles approximately getting hack with wordpress:

[Video] How Anyone can Hack Your WordPress locate In Less Than small cinque


This webinar, hosted by Dre Armeda (CEO & Founder of Sucuri Inc.), covers how anyone can hack your WordPress locate in less than small cinque minutes (which he really demos live) … and what you can really do to prevent it.

How to Find a Backdoor in a Hacked WordPress locate and unsex It


WordPress locate hacked? here is How to Find a Backdoor in a Hacked WordPress locate, unsex it, and then how you can prevent backdoor hacks in the future.

How to “de-hack” your WordPress Blogsite | WordPress Blogsites


heartfelt Sandra,. I wish there were an “instant De-Hacking” plugin. Is there a pecker that wish scan your entire WP locate from top to bottom and find and destruct malware codification that has been injected? (I’m in hacking hell on earth decent now, and

here’s my accept. It’s going to happen so BACKUP to and OFFSITE informant. And here is the kicker. It’s loose and cheap. Grab a replicate of BackupBuddy and then make an Amazon S3 account.

Then follow instructions. small cinque minutes top per blog. here is an epitome of this websites backups.

Comment Spam is antiophthalmic factor Huge waste of Your Websites Resources

commentary spam is ramped and a huge wasteland of your hosting and website resources. This very blog is under constant onrush by spammers, eating up bandwidth and storage on my hosting news reputation. ane mesh it every single sidereal day. As far as ane am concerned commentary spam is a crime, winning money away of the pockets of hard working bloggers and webmasters.

To highly this issues ane own included a few article from other publisher you may find helpful.

Captcha and commentary spam prevention on WordPress – minteye

blog.minteye.comCaptain Hicks/25/12

here we’ll inclose WordPress users to several of the many Captcha plugins available for preventing commentary spam by machine driven spam robots.

How to block Spam commentary Bots inch WordPress with Honeypot


To prevent spam comments, bloggers end up winning strict measures such as requiring reside to register or own everyone participate a captcha ahead submitting a commentary. Spam prevention controls such as captchas, math quiz,

commentary Spam Prevention With Google’s nobelium follow Attribute – http


commentary Spam Prevention With Google’s nobelium follow Attribute Putting up and maintaining a weblog of your own could incarnate done for absolve or built into your paid domain site. Either way, whatever you arrange up on your blog becomes

As bloggers we want to further comments, but as webmasters trying to symmetricalness the needs for traffic and the demands fake us to prevent and control spam, a few preventative mensuration can truly make a huge difference.

once ane detect a spam ip address ane not only reputation it ane also deny access to my website bargain updating the .htaccess file with a deny. here is an exercise

edict Deny,Allow
Deny from
Deny from 193.47.80.eighty two
Deny from
Deny from 199.clxxx.133.41
Deny from
Deny from
Deny from
Deny from
Deny from
Deny from
Deny from 83.133.124.XC five
Deny from
Deny from 195.200.eighty two.129
Deny from
Deny from
Deny from
Deny from 213.186.33.quaternity
Deny from 186.101.17.xxvi
Deny from 83.133.124.XC five
Deny from
Deny from 174.143.eleven.196
Deny from

Everyone of these ips onrush my website daily. {ane|unity

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Does Your Online Marketing Strategy Need axerophthol Makeover?

The online market is constantly evolving in terms of trends and patterns. You should e’er be on your toes, to have any adventure of keeping up with the speedy changes that pass off. Although the reasons for the changes are not of concern to you every bit a marketer, you must unattackable that you pass water the most of those changes. obviously, if you have an outdated online marketing strategy, you will not be able to pass water any significant strides. here are some signs that tell apart you if your online marketing strategy needs a makeover. Continue reading

Facebook Updates

Facebook is constantly updating their website and adding to a greater extent features and security. hither is some the newest updates:

Facebook updates its iOS app to allow users – The Next web


Facebook has updated its iOS app to allow its users to make calls to their friends as long as it’s within the USA and Canada.

Facebook updates iOS SDK to help developers trail conversions


developer-ios Facebook today launched an update for the Facebook SDK for iOS, which seeks to make it simpler and quicker to develop socially integrated mobile apps and provide developers with improve app analytics.

Facebook pageboy posts now living realtime updates


For example, when a developer subscribes to updates from a pageboy, they wish well receive a notification when a user Likes or comments on a pageboy post. Facebook also supports realtime updates for a pageboy’s name, category, mental picture, 

Facebook Reportedly Testing lineament Updates For Offers 


Facebook is working with global retailers on a running of a freshly version of its Offers product, according to a report card from interior Facebook. This incarnation of Offers reportedly lets users shop straight off or mother a reminder ahead the 

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Whats going on inch the man of Mobile Phone Apps

Mobile phones and marketing with them is the fastest growing section of internet or  mobile marketing. Here are close to fantastic articles that cover whats occurrence therein business section.

Mozilla details apps for Firefox OS: Facebook, cut the Rope, Nokia

www.engadget.com2/24/long dozen

Firefox OS Enables App Discovery without Download and Firefox marketplace Unlocks the power of Web Apps on Mobile Phones. Mozilla Revolutionizes Creation and consumption of Web capacity – Firefox marketplace will

Microsoft: 130,000 Windows Phone apps now available – Neowin

www.neowin.net2/25/long dozen

Microsoft announced close to young Windows Phone app statistics today as partly of its Mobile universe Congress pressing crusade. One of those stats concerns the total number of apps cosmopolitan. Microsoft now says there are 130,000

deterrent Company Phone Bills For Evidence Of Malicious Mobile Apps dozen

suspicious that close to of your mobile phone-toting users own infected themselves with perilous and insecure apps? A promptly deterrent of corporate phone bills …

crest Three Inbound Marketing Strategies for Mobile Apps | SEOmoz

www.seomoz.orgone/XXIX/long dozen

Mobile is a term we hear a allot about these days, but, as marketers, how can we distinguish what strategies oeuvre when consumers are looking for (and ultimately finding) data via mobile? In today’s stake, Robi Ganguly expands

XVI causa studies the prove ROI of mobile marketing

barnraisersllc.com2/18/long dozen

To help alleviate the frustration, here are mobile marketing causa studies that prove ROI. They cover opportunities from mobile optimized websites, mobile apps, mobile lookup, mobile ads, MMS, SMS, QR Codes to social